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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Electric Attic Ladder

Fantozzi elect 21Aluminium motorised scissor attic/loft ladder. Levers and steps are made from die-cast aluminium; 1.2-mm-thick,sheet-steel loft hatch frame; Oven painted using polyester embossed grey RAL 9006 or white powder; 14-mm-thick first choice poplar plywood trap door, with very low formaldehyde emissions (Class E1 certified, to Standard UNI EN
13986:2005); Hatch always coverd with a high performing isolationg material; Black carpeted treads; Emergency manual unstowing device in case of power cuts.


n.1 230V Electromechanical actuator; n.1 Electronic control unit.; n.1 Flashlight; n.1 Radio control; n.2 Top landing handles; n.4 Fastening brackets; n.2 Telescopic handrails on both sides.


ON DEMAND: Double push-button panel with key-operated switch; (as an alternative to the radio control).

Fantozzi elect 23Fantozzi elect 22


electric inset 2


A x B C G E  F
 35.4"x23.6" 35.4"x27.5"  -  - 106.3"/118" 7.1"/11" 63"/67" 49.2"/51.2"
 39.4"x23.6"  43.3"x23.6" 47.3"x23.6" 51.2"x23.6" 106.3"/118" 7.1"/11" 63"/67" 49.2"/51.2"
 39.4"x23.6"  43.3"x23.6" 47.3"x23.6" 51.2"x23.6" 118.5"/128" 7.1"/11"  75" 55"
 39.4"x27.5"  43.3"x27.5" 47.3"x27.5" 51.2"x27.5" 106.3"/118" 7.1"/11" 63"/67" 49.2"/51.2"
 39.4"x27.5"  43.3"x27.5" 47.3"x27.5" 51.2"x27.5" 118.5"/128" 7.1"/11" 75" 55"

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