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Finely crafted quality modular stair systems.

Introducing the Composity

Introducing the Composity a brand new modular staircase that can be specified for a wide range of configurations.

A truly customizable Stair.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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knock basic staircaseKnock Basic Staircase


Knock Basic: This stair combines advanced technology, practicality and sturdiness in such a way as to personalize the product, both in terms of configurations and dimensions.

A solution that adapts to any dimensional situation where steel and wood elements are perfectly combined together finding their mutual enhancement in Knock Basic — the harmony of thousands of solutions.


Consisting of supports made of two blocks of solid beech in different tread sizes, fit together using mechanical pressure tie-rods. Fasteners secured to the floor, wall and ceiling by means of plates suitably covered in wood. Side braces are supplied with same profile as supports together with cylindrical shaped floor retainers. Steps are made of solid dried beech wood.

Wood is finished in a water based varnish. Metal parts are powder coated.

Beechwood colour stains: Walnut 15, Walnut 16, Natural 12, Mahogany 18, Mahogany 20 Metal - Powder coat black, silver or white.

The oldest material existing is clothed in outstanding elegance and lightness and it is allowed to express itself even in different configurations, to round off any sharp edge and fit into the environment in the simplest way.

Knock Basic Staircase

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